A Python noise model for directly imaging exoplanets with a coronagraph-equipped telescope. The original IDL code for this coronagraph model was developed and published by Tyler Robinson and collaborators (Robinson, Stapelfeldt & Marley 2016). This open-source Python version has been expanded upon in a few key ways, most notably, the Telescope, Planet, and Star objects used for reflected light coronagraph noise modeling can now be used for transmission and emission spectroscopy noise modeling, making this model a general purpose exoplanet noise model for many different types of observations.

To get started using the coronagraph noise model, take a look at the Quickstart tutorial and the examples. For more details about the full functionality of the code see the Application Programming Interface (API).

If you use this model in your own research please cite Robinson, Stapelfeldt & Marley (2016) and Lustig-Yaeger, Robinson & Arney (2019).

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